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ISSUE 6: Journeys, OUT NOW!

The Global Advocate is the official UN Youth NSW magazine. Launched for the first time ever in September 2020, The Global Advocate aims to explore international affairs and global issues from a youth perspective.

It is a collection of literary and artistic pieces produced by a talented pool of young people selected for their unique point of view. 

We have published our first issue of 2023, Issue 5: Dreaming, after working hard with the contributors to make sure that all pieces can be published with pride and great excitement!

If you would be interested in contributing to The Global Advocate this year, stay tuned – submissions are open to anyone across Australia aged between 12 and 25 years.

The first issue of the Global Advocate last year was centred around the theme ‘Community’.

For the second issue, we focused on the theme of ‘Bodies’.

The third issue explores the theme, ‘Unreal’!

The fourth issue explores the theme, ‘Boundaries’.

The fifth issue explores the theme, ‘Dreaming’.

Stay tuned for more information about Issue 7!

2023: Issue 6 | Journeys

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