Submissions for the 2020 Edition of the Global Advocate are now Closed!

The Global Advocate is the UN Youth NSW magazine which will seek to explore international affairs and global issues. For the first edition of the Global Advocate, we will be focusing on the theme ‘Community’. We will be exploring the ways in which our sense of community, identity and belonging help us navigate our way through the world, especially in our global society. More so, with the internet, technology and globalisation, we can be part of an international community more than ever, without even leaving our homes!

There’s no one set definition of community, and we value all the diverse ways which community can be formed. We define community as the ties and connections which bind people together. This can be anything from race and ethnicity, sexuality, shared values, beliefs, loves or fears; or even geography, blood ties or experiences. We acknowledge that community can often be difficult to define and grasp, and that it isn’t always clear-cut. No one person fits perfectly into one community, and most people fit into more than one community. Community is multi-faceted and fluid, and can often change throughout our lifetime. We want to hear about that too!

Our aim for this edition is to explore, discover and dive deep into what makes every community remarkable. We want to draw between seemingly different groups of belonging and find the ways which they all intersect and diverge. So, we want to hear from you, regardless of which community (or communities) you belong to, or which communities you feel isolated or disconnected from. 

We’re looking for stories and lived experiences of community. This includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Where and how do you find your sense of community? How has this changed over time? Have you ever struggled to find your place with a community?
  • How do you connect with your community? What are the traditions, celebrations, actions or expressions which help you feel connected?
  • How has your community shaped your beliefs and identity? How does it inform your actions and goals? 
  • What are the best and most challenging parts of being part of it? 
  • How has your community evolved through history and or during the time you have been part of it? What do you hope your community looks like in the future?

Important Information

Whether you have an interest in written based pieces (essays, interviews, reviews, poetry, critical or creative pieces) or artistic pieces (digital, traditional, photography), we are accepting all applications.

The first step to getting involved is submitting a 150-word pitch on a chosen topic based around our theme. You will then go through a competitive selection process. If you are selected, you will be working alongside the Editing Team to help guide you.

Interested in submitting a piece? Click HERE for all of the information needed on how to write your pitch!

Submissions for the 2020 Edition of the Global Advocate have now closed. Submissions for the 2021 Edition of the Magazine will open in early 2021.

The 2020 Edition of the Global Advocate will be published and launched in August 2020!


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