About the Magazine

The Global Advocate is the official UN Youth NSW magazine. Launching for the first time ever in September 2020, The Global Advocate will explore international affairs and global issues from the youth perspective. The Magazine is a collection of literary and artistic pieces produced by a talented pool of young people selected for their unique point of view. 

The theme for the inaugural edition is ‘Community’. The Magazine explores the ways in which our sense of community, identity and belonging help us navigate our way through a world that is marked by the ubiquity of the internet, of technology and of globalisation crashing together to formulate international communities that we can participate in without even leaving the home. The first edition of The Global Advocate dives deep into what makes our communities remarkable, drawing between seemingly different groups of belonging to find the ways in which they all intersect and diverge. 

There’s no one set definition of community, and we value all the diverse ways through which community can be formed. We define community as the ties and connections which bind people together. This can be anything from race and ethnicity, to sexuality, shared values, beliefs, loves, fears, geography, blood ties or even shared experiences. We acknowledge that community can often be difficult to define and grasp and that it isn’t always clear-cut. No one person fits perfectly into one community, and most people fit into more than one. Community is multi-faceted and fluid, and can often change throughout our lifetime. 

The Global Advocate is edited by Arleen Wilcox, Deaundre Espejo and Brindha Srinivas under the direction of Magazine Editor-in-Chief, Angela Dela Cruz. 

From the Editors

“This year has marked history and the world, but in a way, it has also made our exploration of the themes around ‘community’ more relevant than ever. In our first-ever issue, we bring you stories that have lingered for generations but also that have been ignited in the past few months. Coming of age tales in periods of perpetual change, the bittersweet pause of time during lock-down, and reflections that question our familiarity with the ordinary. We hope this collection of voices while diverse and multifaceted, can also remind us of what we share even when afar. Just like a community.”

– Arleen Wilcox, Editor

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