New South Wales Evatt Competition - Registrations for 2024 open now!

2024 Evatt Competition

The New South Wales Evatt Competition is the NSW state round of the UN Youth Australia Evatt Competition, Australia’s premier Model United Nations (MUN) competition. The competition is named after the notable Dr Herbert Vere Evatt, commonly known as ‘Doc’ for his Doctor of Laws degree, who was an Australian politician and remains the youngest ever Justice of the High Court of Australia. Doc Evatt was later elected as the President of the United Nations General Assembly and helped draft the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The Evatt Competition takes the form of a MUN debate simulating a session in the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) chamber. Students in years 9-12 compete in teams of two where they debate, amend, and vote on resolutions about current world issues from the perspective of the country they are representing, hence they are referred to as delegates. Each team will be allocated one of the fifteen member states of the UNSC in 2023.

In the course of the debate, students will:

  • Deliver speeches to the Council to persuade other teams of their country’s point of view
  • Lobby and negotiate with other teams during caucus time, and also in a separate Negotiation chamber, that can be requested during the debate
  • Propose amendments to the resolution to suit their country’s agenda
  • Ask questions to other countries like in parliamentary Question Time
  • Vote on the final resolution

The delegates judged the most effective diplomats will proceed to the next round. The Evatt Competition helps participants develop a range of skills such as public speaking, negotiation, teamwork, research, and diplomacy.

Round Structure of the Evatt Competition

The top thirty teams from the preliminary rounds are selected to compete at the state semi-final where they will debate more challenging resolutions. From there, the top fifteen teams are selected to compete at the state grand final, held at NSW Parliament House! The top five teams from the state grand final will be invited to compete and represent NSW in the Evatt National Finals.

REgistrations open NOW!

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Important Information

Country and round allocations, and the prepared resolutions will be emailed to students at least two weeks prior to the date of their preliminary round. An additional impromptu resolution will be disseminated and debated on the day of the round. Competitors are strongly encouraged to research the content of the prepared resolutions to determine their country’s stance.

Please see the FAQ section below to have any of your questions answered. If you have any further questions, please contact the 2024 NSW Evatt Convenor, Samuel Boleslawski, at

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When will the competition take place?

The preliminary rounds will take place in May. The semi-final and grand final will be in June.

Where is the location of the preliminary rounds?

The preliminary rounds will take place in schools across NSW, with most rounds being held in Sydney. We also have some rounds in regional areas such as Toormina and Dubbo. There will also be a few rounds held on Saturdays at UTS for those who are unable to attend on weekdays.

When will students receive the information to start preparing?

After students have registered, they will be allocated a country and round, and the relevant information mentioned above will be emailed to them at least two weeks prior to their round.

Is this competition open to TAFE students?

Yes! Provided that they are of the ages corresponding to years 9-12 i.e. 14-18 years old.

What are the rules for creating a team?

Each team must contain two students from the same school, however, team members can be in different year levels from years 9-12.

How many teams can compete per school?

There is no limit on the number of teams that can enter the competition from each school. Each round can have a maximum of 15 teams as each team represents one of the 15 member states of the UNSC, so some schools may run two rounds simultaneously based on demand. UN Youth NSW encourages schools to send as many teams as possible.

What is the cost of entry?

The participation cost for this year’s competition is $60 per team, split between 2 students, and with accessibility scholarships available.

Do students need to be accompanied by a teacher?

Students are not required to be accompanied by a teacher to a round, however, teachers are more than welcome to attend. Some schools may have certain rules for visitors so please check with the school you wish to visit beforehand.

What is the workload like?

The workload can be as much or as little as each team decides. Students should use the materials that will be provided to prepare for the debate, such as reading through the resolution, and researching how their allocated country would respond. Since Evatt is a live debate, there is no need to prepare speeches beforehand and students will be tested on their impromptu speaking skills.

How long is each round?

Rounds are approximately three to four hours long, depending on how quickly each resolution is debated, and includes break times.

When will the results be announced?

The results of their participation will be emailed to each team after the last preliminary round.

What is the dress code for the Evatt Competition?

Students are encouraged to wear their school uniform for all rounds of the competition.

Round Dates for EVATT NSW 2024


Preliminary Rounds

  • 03/05/24 09:00 Hurlstone Agricultural High School
  • 06/05/24 09:00 All Saints Catholic College
  • 07/05/24 09:00 Cranbrook School
  • 07/05/24 12:30 Prebysterian Ladies’ College
  • 08/05/24 09:00 Emanuel School
  • 09/05/24 09:00 Cerdon College
  • 10/05/24 09:00 Normanhurst Boys High School
  • 10/05/24 09:00 Macarthur Girls High School
  • 11/5/24 09:00 University of Technology Sydney
  • 11/5/24 13:00 University of Technology Sydney
  • 13/05/24 09:00 James Ruse Agricultural High School
  • 15/05/24 09:00 James Sheahan Catholic High School (Orange)
  • 15/05/24 09:00 Ingleburn High School
  • 16/05/24 09:00 Scots All Saints College (Bathurst)
  • 17/05/24 09:00 Hills Grammar School
  • 18/5/24 09:00 University of Technology Sydney
  • 18/5/24 13:00 University of Technology Sydney
  • 22/05/24 09:00 St Pius X High School Adamstown
  • 23/05/24 12:00 St John the Evangelist Catholic High School (Nowra)

Semi-Finals and Finals!

  • Semi-Finals (1/6/24)
  • Grand Finals (18/6/24)

2024 Evatt Competition Rules of Procedure