About Evatt

Evatt SA is the South Australian round of the UN Youth Australia Evatt Competition, Australia’s premier debating and diplomacy competition.

Evatt is a Model UN Security Council competition for students in Years 9-12. It aims to educate young people about Australia’s place in the world and empower them as active citizens by developing negotiation, teamwork, public speaking, research, and diplomatic skills.

The competition takes the form of a mock session of the UN Security Council. Teams of two students debate, amend, and vote on resolutions from the perspective of the country they are assigned. Teams will be allocated one of the fifteen countries that are members of the United Nations Security Council in 2024. The students are judged, and the most effective diplomats proceed to the next round.

In the course of the debate, students will:

  •   Deliver speeches to the Council to persuade other teams of their country’s point of view;
  •   Lobby and negotiate with other teams in caucus time and in a separate Negotiation chamber;
  •   Amend the resolution to suit their country’s agenda;
  •   Ask questions of other countries like in Parliamentary Question Time;
  •   Vote on the final resolution

Above all else, Evatt is designed for students with varying interests, experiences, and abilities. No previous knowledge of international affairs, or MUN debating, is necessary. A workshop will be run before all Preliminary rounds to give students an introduction to Model UN, and to run them through the rules of the competition.

If you have any questions, please contact our Competitions Director, Jade, at sacompetitions@unyouth.org.au.

Communications Material:

2024 communication materials are coming very soon.


In the mean time, here is the 2023 materials to give you an idea.

Evatt’23 Information Pack for Schools

Evatt’23 Poster (Updated)

Evatt’23 Flyer (Updated)

Key Details


You can register for SA Evatt 2024 here, or at https://unyouth.wufoo.com/forms/sa-evatt-delegate-registration-qegh0ws14k6u4f/

Where: Flinders university

SA Evatt 2024 is brought to you in partnership with Flinders University.

Make sure to check the venue for each of your designated rounds.

Preliminary rounds (delegates choose 1 to attend):
  1. August 5 (Monday) – Bedford Park
  2. August 7 (Wednesday) – Bedford Park
  3. August 9 (Friday) – Tonsley
  4. August 13 (Tuesday) – Festival Plaza
  5. August 17 (Saturday) – Festival Plaza

Semi-Finals will be held on August 30th and 31st, and Grand Final date is TBC.

Who: Students in Years 9-12

Cost: $70 per team, discounts offered for SAP delegates, and for 5+ school teams. Find out more about in-school rounds by emailing our Competitions Director, Jade, at sacompetitions@unyouth.org.au.