Evatt ACT

Evatt ACT is the Territory round of Australia’s largest and premier debating and diplomacy competition.

Evatt is a Model United Nations Security Council diplomacy competition for students in Years 9-12. It aims to educate young people about Australia’s place in the world and empower them as active citizens by developing public speaking, negotiation, teamwork, research, and diplomatic skills.

The competition takes the form of mock sessions of the UN Security Council. Teams of two students from years 9 -12 debate, amend, and vote on a prepared resolution from the perspective of a Member State of the Security Council. Through debate, students will engage with a diverse range of major global issues including armed conflict, human rights, terrorism and climate change.

Why should I take part in Evatt?

  • Gain skills in speaking, research, teamwork, leadership and diplomacy.
  • Represent a country in the most important body in the international arena.
  • Expand your horizons and engage with the big current issues in international relations – from global warming to terrorism, aid to intervention and debt to piracy.
  • Debate, negotiate and lobby competitively.
  • Meet other passionate and engaged young people.
  • Don’t forget, you don’t need any prior debating, public speaking or model UN experience to take part in Evatt – some of our most successful teams have done absolutely no public speaking before!

More information and tips about how to prepare can be found on the National Evatt page.

The best way to become familiar with the Evatt rules of procedure is to give it a go! Many beginners attend each year, and first-timers usually get the hang of ‘MUN’ by the second round of debate.


To register, both you and your partner need to fill out the registration form separately.

Preferably, you and your partner will be from the same school and in the same grade. But this is not a requirement.

The dates for the competition are 30 August – 12 September with Semis on 26th September and Grand Finals 3rd October


Evatt ACT will be held from 30 August – 12 September with Semis on 26th September and Grand Finals on the 3rd of October.

Registrations are now open! You can sign up here.
For any questions email our Operations Director

You can also reach out to the Evatt Convenors Neha Kalele and Lachlan Houen at neha.kalele@unyouth.org.au and lachlan.houen@unyouth.org.au

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