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Evatt is Returning for 2022!

The ACT Evatt Competition is the ACT Territory round of the UN Youth Australia Evatt Competition, Australia’s premier debating and diplomacy competition. Evatt is a Model United Nations Security Council diplomacy competition for students in Years 9-12. It aims to educate young people about Australia’s place in the world and empower them as active citizens by developing public speaking, negotiation, teamwork, research, and diplomatic skills. The competition is named after the notable Herbert “Doc” Evatt, who was an Australian High Court Justice and a leading Federal politician who became President of the UN General Assembly and helped draft the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The competition takes the form of a mock session of the UN Security Council. Teams of two students debate, amend, and vote on resolutions from the perspective of the country they are assigned. Teams will be allocated one of the fifteen countries that are members of the United Nations Security Council in 2022.


ACT Evatt is conducted in two rounds: preliminary and a regional final. Each round involves 2 prepared and one impromptu resolution that will be debated and voted on throughout a 90-minute period. During debate, delegates will:

Deliver speeches to the Council to persuade other teams of their country’s point of view;

Lobby and negotiate with other teams in caucus time and in a separate Negotiation chamber;

Amend the resolution to suit their country’s agenda;

Ask questions of other countries like in Parliamentary Question Time;

Vote on the final resolution.

Students will be judged on how effective they are at realising the ambitions of their country, be that through persuading others towards their point of view, negotiation compromises that suit their country and generally passing resolutions.

Delegates are strongly encouraged to do preliminary research on their country and the issues covered in the prepared resolution.

More information and tips about how to prepare can be found on the National Evatt page.

The best way to become familiar with the Evatt rules of procedure is to give it a go! Many beginners attend each year, and first-timers usually get the hang of ‘MUN’ by the second round of debate.


Register here! https://unyouth.wufoo.com/forms/qfc47lj166mo14/

The dates for the competition are 26th August – 4th September.

If you have any questions or would like more information please contact the 2022 ACT Evatt Convenor, Claire Noack, at actevatt22@unyouth.org.au



Evatt ACT will be held from 26th August – 4th September.

Registrations are now open! You can sign up here.

If you have any questions or would like more information please contact the 2022 ACT Evatt Convenor, Claire Noack, at actevatt22@unyouth.org.au

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