About the Tour

This coming January 2022, we will be welcoming 30 young leaders from across Australia on a six-day online tour of Asia to explore how Japan, Vietnam and Taiwan have responded to conflict since 1950.

During this tour you will be engaging with key players in this emerging region – from UN representatives, NGOs, academics, artists, multinational businesses, embassies, and grassroots organisations (both in Australia and Asia). You will be able to experience everything Asia has to offer, in an interactive online format.

The tour will be centred around the theme of ‘Conflict’ and will focus on three culturally and politically significant countries in Asia – Japan, Vietnam and Taiwan. 

We will firstly look at Japan and explore the historical impacts of World War II and its relationship with the West. We will then study Japan’s recent tensions with North Korea, concerning the threat of missiles.

Our tour will then continue to Vietnam, where we will look at the impact of ‘war’ on its society. The Vietnam War and the subsequent impact on the Vietnamese people will be discussed. We will also look at the impact of regional partnerships, such as Vietnam’s membership with ASEAN. 

Our final stop on this amazing tour will be Taiwan. We will pose questions relating to the sovereignty of Taiwan and its position in the international system. We will also take a look at Taiwan’s economy and the implications of future conflict. 

If you are in Years 10-12, join us as we explore the forces, people and places that have shaped Asia as we know it today. The theme of conflict will not just be examined from a ‘war’ perspective. We will come to understand the impact on individuals, the political outcomes and how this has affected Australia’s relationship with Asia. We can’t wait to see you and partake in this amazing tour!


Information Pack

View and download the Information Pack in PDF format.

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About the Emerging Leaders Program in 2022:

When: 10th to 12th, 17th to 19th of January 2022

Who: Students anywhere across Australia in years 10 to 12

Cost: $75 (partial and full bursaries are available).

Apply now!

View the Information Pack. Applications close on Thursday 21st of October 2021, at 11:59 AWST.

Completing your application is a staged process. The first stage is several responses to short answer questions. For the 2nd and 3rd stages, you may be invited for another short answer response and an interview. In this first stage, we are asking the following questions (you may wish to prepare these before you start the application form):

  1. Tell us about yourself (Not your name, but your interests, hobbies, what you do day-to-day!) (150 words)
  2. Why are you applying for the 2022 Emerging Leaders Program? (150 words)
  3. Throughout ELP, you’ll have the opportunity to collaborate with other delegates. Tell us about a time when you have worked well in a team. (150 words)
  4. What is an issue in Asia that you are passionate about, and why? (200 words)
  5. Australia has just announced that they are entering into a trilateral security alliance with the US and the UK, called AUKUS, due to rising tensions in the Indo Pacific. How do you think this will impact Asia? (200 words)



Please feel free to get in touch with the Convenor, Amy, at amy.johnston@unyouth.org.au.

UN Youth Australia welcomes enquiries from media interested in reporting on the Emerging Leaders Program. Please email communications@unyouth.org.au and we will get back to you with more information

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