Held at the University of Technology in the city of Sydney, the Digital Diplomacy Summit will see students from across New South Wales come together to discuss how technology actively shapes our world.

A Summit is a full day event, 10AM-4PM, packed with discussion and debate, interactive activities and opportunities to learn from experts and other like-minded people!

Delegates (high-school students) will explore the birth of diplomacy and how it has developed in a digital era. Delegates will be given the opportunity to investigate how Digital Diplomacy is being used to advance international affairs and explore how governments are using the digital space to engage in cyber warfare. We will discuss the effects of using social media and digital platforms in everyday political discourse, and how misinformation campaigns and cyberattacks on physical infrastructure can disrupt everyday lives.

Delegates will further reflect on the role of the government in protecting their citizens from cyberattacks; including investigating International Law and what they think are acceptable regulations for Digital Diplomacy.

If you have any questions, contact the Convenor, Elizabeth Luu, at 

Please note: This event will be subject to COVID-19 restrictions and regulations at the time of its expected run, and may not occur.

Details for the Summit:

When: 10AM – 4PM April 24th, 2021

Where: University of Technology Sydney

Who: All high-school students from Years 9 to 12!

If you have any questions, please contact the Summits Convenor, Elizabeth Luu, at

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