Crisis Point is a crisis simulation competition where you will attempt to solve a pertinent security threat facing the world today through diplomacy, negotiation, and compromise.

Think you’re an up-and-coming Senator? Want to break into the espionage business? Look like a younger Hillary Clinton?

Crisis Point puts you into the shoes of  real-world figures from the United States cabinets that respond to the highest level of security threats: the United States Security Council, the Department of Defense, the Central Intelligence Agency, the State Department, the United States Senate, as well as prominent American media corporations and publications.

With the views and goals of these politicians in mind,  you will have to compete for intellectual dominance within your cabinet and also push your cabinet’s agenda within the long arm of the United States government, competing against the political will of other cabinets and international actors.

This innovative form of problem solving is based on a development by International Relations students at the prestigious Georgetown University. The competition is the first of its type to be offered in Australia.


The cabinet structure as a whole will examine USA security from a military aspect, a political perspective, a diplomatic perspective, an intelligence and espionage perspective, and from the perspective of the executive branch. The cabinets will all interact in a host of complex ways, working to respond to a variety of situations during an intense simulation. In the modern day and age, the United States, along with every other nation, confronts challenges that require multi-faceted responses. Unlike other problem solving simulations, Crisis Point takes you beyond the level of a single cabinet’s view to demonstrate that foreign policy relies on a variety of actors and institutions working together to craft an appropriate response.

Crisis Point is also a fantastic way for you to hone your speaking and negotiating skills, while learning more about international relations and global issues in an interactive setting. You will also gain an understanding of the complex and multifaceted method through which United States foreign policy is developed. No prior debating or public speaking experience is necessary, but due to the pace and conceptual understanding required, Crisis Point is only open for years 9 – 12.


When: Saturday 17th November 2018

Where: Shenton College

Cost: $30 per student


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