Crisis Point is a whole-day interactive problem-solving simulation that puts delegates (students) in the shoes of key diplomats and stakeholders to solve global security and humanitarian crises. Broking solutions in real-time to a crisis that evolves depending on the actions you take, delegates collaborate in their teams, utilising their teamwork, negotiation and creative-thinking skills to represent their own interests while compromising in the collaboration with other stakeholders. Crisis Point is a fantastic way to immerse yourself in simulated international and global issues to gain the skills and understanding of diplomacy.

This innovative form of problem-solving is based on a development by International Relations students at the prestigious Georgetown University. The competition is the first of its type to be offered in Australia.


At the event’s start, delegates enter cabinets representing countries, state actors, international organisations and other significant simulation-specific actors. These cabinets are briefed on the simulation, detailing and contextualising the crisis. Each cabinet then undertakes private planning of their strategic objectives, which will influence their actions in negotiation and resolution of the crisis. As each cabinet takes its first action towards resolving the crisis, they will need to diplomatically work together in order to manage the effects of the crisis and ensure the best possible outcome.

As cabinets work together (or against…), their actions influence the development of the crisis. The Crisis Master of the IPS (a UN Youth Facilitator) will moderate the simulation through conveying new developments in real-time, taking into account cabinet actions and negotiations.

The cabinets will interact in a host of complex ways, using their different perspectives to respond to a variety of situations during an intense simulation. Unlike other problem-solving simulations, Crisis Point takes you beyond the level of a single cabinet’s view to demonstrate that foreign policy relies on a variety of actors and institutions working together to craft an appropriate response.

Crisis Point is a fantastic way for you to hone your speaking and negotiating skills, while learning more about international relations and global issues in an interactive setting. No prior debating or public speaking experience is necessary.

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Who: Students in Years 7-10

When: Saturday 20th November 2022

Where: Shenton College

Time: 8:30AM- 4PM

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