Crisis Point is a whole-day interactive problem-solving simulation that puts delegates (students) in the shoes of key diplomats and stakeholders to solve global security and humanitarian crises. Broking solutions in real-time to a crisis that evolves depending on the actions you take, delegates collaborate in their teams, utilising their teamwork, negotiation and creative-thinking skills to represent their own interests while compromising in the collaboration with other stakeholders. Crisis Point is a fantastic way to immerse yourself in simulated international and global issues to gain the skills and understanding of diplomacy.

What is Crisis Point?

Crisis Point is UN Youth’s dedicated Interactive Problem Solving (IPS) event. Interactive Problem Solving simulations place delegates (high-school students) into the centre of a simulated global security or humanitarian crisis with the responsibility to work together, problem-solve and negotiate a solution.

At the event’s start, delegates enter cabinets representing countries, state actors, international organisations and other significant simulation-specific actors. These cabinets are briefed on the simulation, detailing and contextualising the crisis. Each cabinet then undertake private planning of their strategic objectives, which will influence their actions in negotiation and resolution of the crisis. As each cabinet takes its first action towards resolving the crisis, they will need to diplomatically work together in order to manage the effects of the crisis and ensure the best possible outcome.

As cabinets work together (or against…), their actions influence the development of the crisis. The Crisis Master of the IPS (a UN Youth Facilitator) will moderate the simulation through conveying new developments in real-time, taking into account cabinet actions and negotiations.

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Who is Crisis Point for:

Crisis Point is open to all high-school students interested in, or would like to learn more about, diplomacy and international affairs. Crisis Point engages high-school students of any experience in a simulated event, run by experienced UN Youth facilitators. Crisis Point is best experienced by students who wish to learn more about debating, public speaking, teamwork, critical thinking and problem-solving skills, as well as international and multilateral affairs. No matter your experience level, our UN Youth facilitators will guide and support you through the entire event.

What will I gain from participation?

+ Hone your negotiation, critical thinking and public speaking skills
+ Learn more about current issues in international relations
+ Meet like-minded peers in a friendly, social environment

UN Youth encourages young people of all lived experiences to attend our events! All our events are designed with accessibility and welfare in mind. If you have any questions about attending Crisis Point, including how we can make this event accessible for you, please do not hesitate to contact your corresponding state or territory.


Crisis Point is available in the following states and territories:


VIC: 13th April, 2024



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Crisis Point, or Interactive Problem Solving Simulations, are also available as part of our School Program. You can find more information here.