The Aotearoa Leadership Tour brings together 16 young Australians in Years 10 – 12 to explore indigenous rights, culture and reconciliation from 18th September to 2nd October. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to explore Australia’s relationship with its first peoples through an intercultural tour of New Zealand.

The tour focuses on the rich history and tradition of the Maori people, and the methods used to preserve this culture. You’ll spend two weeks travelling through Wellington, Auckland, Waitangi, Rotorua and Sydney to meet and work with local communities, grassroots organisations, government representatives and NGOs at the forefront of the fight for indigenous rights.

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All young people in Years 10-12 are welcome, and we strongly encourage those from diverse and minority backgrounds to apply.

Application FAQ”s 

Would it be harder to join the tour if I haven’t participated extensively with UN Youth previously?

 Prior UN Youth event attendance will not affect selection for ALT

How will applications work?

There is a simple two-stage application process, consisting of a questionnaire and an interview. It is outlined at the beginning of our Information Pack.

  • Your initial online application (not the EOI), which will consist of a few long answer questions
  • A second round interview with a few of our facilitators about you 

Are dietary restrictions accommodated?

Definitely! We provide varied meal options to accommodate most dietary needs, and will discuss yours as soon as you are accepted!

Will I be able to pay in instalments?

Yes! The cost for ALT will be payed over 3 instalments and additional information for financial aid can be found in our information pack above.

How may this interfere with school?

We have aimed to minimise impact on your schooling. The event dates coincide with school holidays across many states, and (to our knowledge) do not occur during exam periods.

I’m having financial barriers and unsure how to get sponsorship;

We understand the concerns with the cost of the tour, and will aim to provide you with any support necessary to successfully receive funding from different sources. The fee we set is purely based on the projected expenses of the tour, and covers almost everything on the tour. Our team continues connecting with different organisations that could also provide funding and alleviate the cost of the tour.

 If you are selected, we will provide you with more information and a sponsorship pack that you can distribute to rotary clubs, school associations, and other sources of funding, making it easier to find a sponsor.

What is the accommodation and sleeping arrangements, do we share rooms?

Most accommodation is in youth hostels. Delegates will be provided with dorm rooms. We consider the wishes of the delegates when allocating rooms, and are happy to offer female-only dorms, if the delegate composition allows it. Facilitators sleep in separate rooms, but are nearby, in case a delegate requires assistance.

Where do we meet at the beginning of the tour?

The tour begins in Sydney. Delegates will depart on September 19th on a flight from their nearest capital city to Sydney, and they will be greeted by one of our facilitators at Sydney Airport. Prior to this, we will host monthly online catch-ups, so that delegates can meet the facilitators, as well as get to know each other before the tour!

What are the physical requirements of the tour?

There are none! UN Youth strives to make each of its events accessible to anyone, and ALT is no different! We take into consideration any accessibility needs that you may have in selecting our accommodation, transportation and activities, and our team will discuss those with you as soon as you are selected.

Would it be harder to join the tour if I haven’t participated extensively with UN Youth previously?

Not at all! ALT could serve as a great introduction to UN Youth!


You must be in Years 10, 11 or 12 during 2023 to be eligible to apply for Aotearoa Leadership Tour. Should you have any further questions about the tour, please don’t hesitate to contact the tour Convenor at alt@unyouth.org.au.

“The entire two weeks of the Aotearoa Leadership Tour were life changing. I can’t quite pinpoint how it happened, or even tie down individual events that have made it happen, but I returned to Australia feeling like a different person. A more empowered, passionate person, and one who wants to see change.”

Kate Turner – Aotearoa Leadership Tour 2014

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