About the Conference


ACT Conference is a three day event bringing together high school students from across the ACT and surrounds to explore and discuss issues facing the global community today. Run entirely by young people for young people, this conference is an opportunity for students to engage in workshops, speaker sessions, problem-solving programs, and also act as a diplomat for a United Nations Member State during mock General Assembly debates.

Event Details

When: 12th-14th April, 2019
Where: Australian National University
Who: Students in years 9-12

Typical Itinerary

Upon registration you’ll receive a more comprehensive delegate pack with further information about our specific itinerary at conference and more details to prepare you for a fantastic weekend! Read on for an idea of what you’re in for!

There is no need to have any prior knowledge on international issues or experience with UN Youth to attend the conference.

Day One (Friday)
When you arrive, we will begin with some fun get to know you games so you know the people you’ll be spending the next few days with. We’ll have a quick introductory chat to set out the weekend and what you should expect, as well as a briefing from our Welfare officers. After a delicious dinner, you’ll be shown to your rooms to have a good night’s rest for a packed Day Two!

Day Two (Saturday)
The second day jumps straight into workshops – we’ll be exploring the themes and concepts of the conference and having interesting discussions surrounding them. The central theme will be explored by tackling these problems in workshops, and engaging with speaker panels. The biggest day of conference ends with a trivia night and themed disco (get excited!).

Day Three (Sunday)
The final day will see you applying what you’ve learned to global issues in our Model United Nations debates. This gives you an opportunity to take on the role of a diplomat for a United Nations Member State – challenging you to reconcile your country’s national interests with a cohesive global agenda!

If you are in Year 9 – 12 and passionate about international crises, diplomacy or social movements, we’d love to meet you at ACT Conference!  

For more information or if you have questions, please get in touch with the Convenors, Asha and Christian, at asha.clementi@unyouth.org.au and christian.flynn@unyouth.org.au . Hope to see you there!





Registrations are open now! Sign up here: https://unyouth.wufoo.com/forms/act-conference-2019-states-of-conflict