About the Conference

Welcome to UN Youth ACT’s 2017 Territory Conference!

Territory Conference is a weekend long event that brings together high school students from across the ACT and surrounds to explore and discuss issues facing the global diplomatic community today. Run entirely by young people for young people, this conference is an opportunity for ACT students to engage in workshops, speaker sessions, problem-solving programs, and also act as a diplomat for a United Nations Member State during mock General Assembly debates.

Territory Conference 2017 is themed ­­­­­­­­­­­­‘Passport to Nowhere: Redefining Statehood in the 21st Century’, and will be focused around the consequences of the breakdown of states and statehood in our modern age, and meet fellow engaged, interested students with a care for the issues that determine our international community’s future.

This Year’s Theme

What happens to a people after the breakdown of a state? Where does the intersection between national identity, culture and religion lie? To what extent does cultural identity have to adapt to a new nation, post-conflict?

In response to international crises, breakdown of regional blocks and changes to the traditional concepts of statehood, the international community now faces one of its greatest challenges – reconciling new nations emerging from conflict with their former identities.

At this conference, students will probe the causes and effects of mass migration, and the role the international community should seek to play in refugee resettlement. Delegates will question whether previously stable regional collectives, like the European Union, are now breaking down (and if so, why?). They will investigate the shift in many domestic policies towards protectionism, and away from internationally-minded globalism. Finally, they will seek to understand the challenges faced by cultural and national groups when assimilating into a new community post-conflict.

Event Details

The three-day conference runs from March 10 – 12th, and is open to all students in Year 9 – 12. This year the conference is being held at Leumeah Lodge for the first time (a brand new convention centre!) allowing all workshops and debates to take place on site. UN Youth Australia is committed to accessibility at all our events, and as such Leumeah Lodge is an accessible venue with rooms suitable for delegates and facilitators who identify as having a disability.


Day One (Friday)
When you arrive at 5pm, we will begin with some fun get to know you games so you know the people you’ll be spending the next few days with. We’ll have a quick introductory chat to set out the weekend and what you should expect, as well as a briefing from our Welfare officers. After a delicious dinner, you’ll be shown to your rooms to have a good night’s rest for a packed Day Two!

Day Two (Saturday)
The second day jumps straight into workshops – we’ll exploring the themes and concepts of the conference and having interesting, complex discussions surrounding them. The central theme will be explored by tackling these problems in workshops, and engaging with speaker panels. The biggest day of conference ends with a trivia night and themed disco (get excited!).

Day Three (Sunday)
The final day hold the debates, during which we’ll be applying what we’ve learnt in the previous days to model United Nations debate. This gives you an opportunity to take on the role of a diplomat for a United Nations Member State – challenging you to reconcile your country’s national interests with a cohesive global agenda.

If you are in Year 9 – 12 and passionate about international crises, diplomacy or peacebuilding, we’d love to meet you at Territory Conference!  

There is no need to have any prior knowledge on international issues or experience with UN Youth to attend the conference.

If you have any questions about conference, would like us to come and speak at your school, or have any media enquiries, please get in touch!


Registration is CLOSED for 2017 Conference.