Evatt Victoria 2013 Prelim Allocations

By · 18 June, 2013 · News

All allocations for the Evatt Competition in Victoria in 2013 will be made available on this page.

Preliminary round dates and logistical details are available from the Competition Details page; competition rules and tips are available from the How to Win page.

Country Allocations

All regional round allocations are now available.

If the spreadsheet above isn’t displaying, you can see the full thing here or download the spreadsheet (last updated 8am Wed 24 July).

Confused about your country? Check out our comprehensive Country Briefings!

Assigned Resolutions

In the preliminary rounds, students will debate three resolutions. Two are prepared, one is a surprise. Of the prepared resolutions, one is a state-wide resolution (to allow comparison between different rounds) and one is specific to the round to which you have been assigned.

The State Resolution (same in each round)
This year, all students will debate The Question of North Korea. You can find a handy two-page brief here, and of course check out our research guide on the How to Win page.

Second prepared resolution (different for each round)

Melbourne Regional Finals (same resolution for AM and PM):

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