Evatt Victoria 2013 Semi-Final Allocations

By · 11 August, 2013 · News

The semi-finalists for Evatt Victoria 2013 have been selected!

After more than 750 students competed in 24 rounds of preliminary finals, the Judging Panel is pleased to announce the 64 teams that will be progressing to the Semi-Finals in 2013.

In addition, all students will be receiving written feedback from the judges, posted on Sunday 11 August; check with your teachers for the feedback forms in the coming weeks.


If you can’t see the whole spreadsheet, you can see the full version.

If your team has been allocated a round that you absolutely cannot attend, please notify the Director at lainey@unyouth.org.au immediately.

Team members may not be swapped in the semi-finals; if one member of your team cannot attend their round, and it is not possible to swap your team into a different round, then your team will forfeit its place. Country allocations will not be changed under any circumstances, even “within a school”.

Please note this allocation document may change as team swap requests are processed, but your team’s allocation will not be altered without separate notice by email. The google document as posted on this page is the authoritative document.

Semi-Final Details

The Semi-Finals will take place on Saturday 24th August and Sunday 25th August in the Yarra Room of the Melbourne Town Hall. Just as in the Metropolitan rounds, students are allocated to one half-day round on one of these two days. The AM semi-final will take place from 8.30am to 12.30pm; the PM semi-final will take place from 1pm to 5pm.

The Semi-Finals are open to the public and parents and teachers are welcome to attend. There will be signs outside the Swanston street entrance to direct you on the day.

The Semi-Final Prepared Resolution

The Semi-Final will consist of two 90-minute debates on two resolutions – one prepared resolution and one surprise resolution. The prepared resolution is the Question of Lethal Robots. Good luck!

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