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2017 Youth Representative Report

13 September, 2018

Each year, the Youth Representative to the United Nations conducts a nation-wide consultation to hear the voices of our young people.

Our 2018 Youth Representative, Amos, has just landed in New York City, and is starting his period working with the Australian Permanent Mission to the United Nations.… Read more ›


What I Wish The Government Knew

25 August, 2017

I wish the government knew, and appreciated, the incredible stories of young Australians. Over the coming weeks, I’ll be at the UN General Assembly sharing some of them.

I’ve met with tens of thousands of young Australians this year. I’ve collected information from young people in every electorate across Australia.… Read more ›


International Youth Day

12 August, 2017

This International Youth Day, enrol to vote.

This year, I’ve spoken to tens of thousands of young Australians about the issues that matter to them and their proposed solutions to the problems facing their community.

People often ask me if I’m surprised by the contributions in these consultations, and I don’t have a better answer than “no”.… Read more ›


Youth Rep 2017

31 October, 2016

Each year, UN Youth Australia in consultation with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade select the Australian Youth Representative to the United Nations. Paige Burton was recently announced as the 2017 Youth Rep, so UN Youth’s CEO Brianna Bell sat down with Paige to chat about what the next year holds.… Read more ›


Listening Tour 2016 by UN Youth Rep Chris Eigeland

11 May, 2016

In a recent interview, UN Youth’s Emily Chantler spoke with the 2016 Australian Youth Representative to the United Nations about his vision and goals for the upcoming national Listening Tour.

What is the Listening Tour and what is it’s purpose?

The Listening Tour is the main opportunity for the Youth Rep to consult with a wide-range of young Australians, from all walks of life.… Read more ›


Introducing the 2016 Australia Youth Representative to the UN – Chris Eigeland

31 January, 2016

UN Youth: Why did you apply to be Australian Youth Rep?

CE: The UN Youth Rep role is an unparalleled opportunity to consult with young Australians from all walks of life, on issues that are of international significance. The global landscape of business, politics and development is undergoing radical change as a result of new (and arguably democratising) technologies – however this change isn’t occurring evenly, even within a country such as Australia.… Read more ›


Delivery of the National Youth Statement to the United Nations by Shea Spierings

16 November, 2015

On October 7, the Australian Youth Delegate to the United Nations (UN), Mr Shea Spierings, delivered the Australian Statement on Youth Issues to the UN General Assembly. The National statement, which was drafted by Mr Spierings himself along with support from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, as well as other relevant Government Departments, outlined the important role that education plays in ensuring Australian society continues to remain peaceful, tolerant, and inclusive.… Read more ›

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An update from UN Youth Rep Shea Spierings

31 August, 2015

During my time as the Australian Youth Representative to the U.N. I have a number of opportunities to engage with youth from a variety of backgrounds. To date I’ve spoken to youth groups, school students, conference delegates, and juvenile offenders in detention.… Read more ›

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