Youth Rep 2017

31 October, 2016

Each year, UN Youth Australia in consultation with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade select the Australian Youth Representative to the United Nations. Paige Burton was recently announced as the 2017 Youth Rep, so UN Youth’s CEO Brianna Bell sat down with Paige to chat about what the next year holds.… Read more ›


Voice 2016 – an interview with National Finalist Mirella Wong

19 September, 2016 We asked one of last year's National Finalists for Voice Victoria 2015, Mirella Wong, about her experiences with the competition and what she's learned since competing at Voice.

What did you give your speeches on?

My speeches were on ‘How can we significantly reduce homelessness in Australia?’, ‘How can we promote the rights of Indigenous people around the world?’ and ‘How can we safeguard and secure our world’s future?’ I focussed my solutions in regards to homelessness on the unification of NGOs and governmental services, as well as implementing a ‘housing first’ scheme.… Read more ›


Listening Tour 2016 by UN Youth Rep Chris Eigeland

11 May, 2016

In a recent interview, UN Youth’s Emily Chantler spoke with the 2016 Australian Youth Representative to the United Nations about his vision and goals for the upcoming national Listening Tour.

What is the Listening Tour and what is it’s purpose?

The Listening Tour is the main opportunity for the Youth Rep to consult with a wide-range of young Australians, from all walks of life.… Read more ›

Matthew Kronborg

Australia and the UN: Interview with Matthew Kronborg, National Executive Director of the United Nations Association of Australia

09 March, 2016

The formal makings of the United Nations first began with the declaration of St. James’ Palace in 1941 where, hoping to avoid the atrocities of more World Wars, Australian representatives and those of fifty-one other countries – including Great Britain, Canada, New Zealand and France – ratified a declaration proclaiming an intent to work together for enduring peace.… Read more ›

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