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By · 03 September, 2020 · Blog, Features

Applications to be an Independent Board Director at UN Youth Australia are now open! To provide insight to the benefits on being on Board at UN Youth Australia, Independant Director, Monika Antoszewska, has provided insights on how she appreciated the position during her term.

  1. What motivated you to apply for the role as ID?
    I’m incredibly passionate about purpose-driven organisations in the youth and education space, so naturally UN Youth aligned incredibly well with my interests! As I already had some professional experience, the Independent Director role for UN Youth seemed like a great fit for me to bring to the table a fresh perspective, and genuinely help the organisation improve their ways of working so they can make an even greater impact.
  2. What have been some of the highlights in your position during what was a challenging year for all young people in COVID-19?
    Seeing the passion and resilience young people in this organisation have demonstrated this year has been incredibly inspiring. I’ve watched this organisation adapt, pivot and innovate relentlessly – all driven by our incredible volunteers! 
  3. Were you given the opportunity to achieve some goals you held for yourself upon beginning your term?
    Since the first day I stepped into the role, I felt really empowered to pursue projects where I felt I could truly add value. For me, this meant getting to use my HR and organisational development skills to improve some of our core ways of working, policies, mitigate risks, and guide the strategic direction of some of our key events and programs. 
  4. What are some words of encouragement to those who come from a First Nations Background to get involved with UN Youth from a board level?
    We really value a diversity of perspectives and backgrounds to get involved. If you feel like you have passionate ideas you want to bring to the table and can critically think about issues, this will be a great role fit for you. 

Being an Independent Board Director has been an intellectually challenging yet stimulating experience. If you love the idea of working with some of the brightest young minds in the country who are filled with passion and energy, I really encourage you to apply!

A critical role within the organisation, Independent Directors provide diverse and external perspectives in conjunction with under-represented skills that improve our strategic decision making. This opportunity is open to Australian Youth aged 18 to 24, who have not had prior involvement in UN Youth Australia.

Applicants from diverse & First Nations backgrounds are strongly encouraged to apply, as are applicants from across Australia including our regional, remote, and rural areas.

Learn more and apply here:

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