Watching a Nation Grow: Pacific Project 2017

11 September, 2017

You watched it grow Seeds sowed between the blood-stained soil A flower 27 metres high You watched it tend to itself Empty water cans Peelings band aids Rough CPR Its detangled roots coughed itself back to life You shook hands with its green thumbs As it groomed brighter than the weeds outside No more Bullets wrapped in thorns In twisting vines And see it was fine The way you watched as it was plucked from its roots You didn’t pull the trigger to shoot But its petals slowly fell Withered and you could tell It still saw red within its tornadoes of warm wind It tries To photosynthesize Reaching out to the sun And you’re still watching As it glows

~Varsha Krithivasan 

Varsha is one of the 12 high school students that I, along with two other volunteers, took to Timor-Leste in July on Pacific Project.… Read more ›


The Middle East Experience: Conflict Made Real

14 March, 2017

She was only 10. She was not a terrorist. She did not know what this war meant.

This January I spent two weeks in Jordan and Israel as a volunteer on the Middle East Experience. It was a chance for 16 high school students to see some of the biggest problems our world is facing and learn about the humanity in a conflict so often reduced to little more than statistics.… Read more ›