Australia Wins Security Council Bid

By · 22 October, 2012 · News

On Thursday night Australia was elected as a non-pernament member of the UN Security Council for 2013-2014. UN Youth Australia is incredibly excited by the new opportunities this provides Australia to make a difference on the world stage, and we commend the Commonwealth government for their hard work on the successful bid.

We look forward to working with the Department of Foreign Affairs and other government agencies to take advantage of Australia’s new role and responsibilities.

Our partner organisation, the United Nations Association of Australia (UNAA) has published a press release regarding the appointment. It is included in full below:

President of the UN Association of Australia (UNAA) Russell Trood today welcomed Australia’s election to a non-permanent seat on the UN Security Council for 2013-14.

Dr Trood said it was a great success for Australian diplomacy and a reflection of the very strong support Australia’s candidacy for the Security Council was able to attract from around the world, across all regions and from among countries of widely differing prosperity and security.

Dr Trood said the victory was also testimony to the highly professional campaign run by the Rudd and Gillard Governments and enthusiastically conducted by the hard working men and women of Australia’s foreign service.

Dr Trood was appointed as a UN Security Council Special Envoy to Eastern Europe, the Balkans and the Caucasus in July 2011 following his completion of a term as a Senator for Queensland.

While the Security Council is often a reactive body, the UNAA encourages the government to use Australia’s time on the Council to explore ways of working with the international community to address some of the long term challenges of strengthening global security in the areas of peacekeeping, peace-building, international justice and the responsibility to protect.

The UNAA, led by Immediate Past President and former Ambassador to the UN the Hon Robert Hill, galvanised behind Australia’s bid, running a Security Council Community Engagement Campaign in 2011 and 2012. The Community Campaign engaged students, young professionals, academics, members of the public and civil society organisations in a wide range of activities including panel discussions, workshops and Model UN Security Council simulations.

The UNAA looks forward to working with the Australian government to promote a wider and deeper understanding of the work of the Security Council within the Australian community in the years ahead.

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