Meet the Team: American Political Tour 2018

By · 26 April, 2017 · Features

 The American Political Tour is UN Youth’s newest international tour. We’ll be taking sixteen high school students to the United States this January to explore the current state of American politics, and how we got here. Meet the volunteers who’ll be leading the trip.

Karen Du

Karen is currently in her final year of her double major of American Studies, and Government and International Relations. It was ultimately one inspiring weekend at a conference run by UN Youth that has led her to her studies at university. When she isn’t being taken on the emotional rollercoaster that is Hamilton: An American Musical, Karen can be found hiking in the wilderness, attempting to boil eggs, or taking long road trips.

Rates: Putting together flat packs, campfires, crunchy autumn leaves

Hates: Spiders (or really, all bugs in general), burnt soy milk, wet socks

Laura Gunning

Laura is currently in her second year at the University of Western Australia, studying Politics, International Relations, and Chinese. After bailing out last minute from her first UN Youth event because she was worried about missing a day of school, Laura has spent the past 5 years hoping she can one day make up for the missed experience. Outside of UN Youth, Laura spends most of her free time being too competitive at board games and social netball.

Rates: The Mamma Mia Soundtrack, being aggressively competitive at board games, sweet potato

Hates: Losing board games and having to pretend it doesn’t matter to you, pumpkin that you thought was sweet potato

Farouk Al-Salihi

Farouk is currently completing a Bachelor of Arts with majors in Literature and Philosophy at the University of Melbourne. In his spare time, Farouk enjoys drinking copious amounts of coffee, reading and yelling way too aggressively at an un-reactive TV when he watches sport, movies or really anything that happens to pop up.  

Rates: Food, coffee, soccer, 30 Rock, and naps

Hates: Not napping

Sean McCarthy

Sean McCarthy is a second year facilitator and is currently the Communications Director for UN Youth Queensland. He is studying Politics, Philosophy, and Economics at UQ and spends far too much of his time debating. He has a passion for technological innovation, environmental awareness and equality in all its forms.

Rates: The West Wing Season 2 Finale ‘Two Cathedrals’, Robin Williams’ monologue from ‘Good Will Hunting’

Hates: The DC Cinematic Universe, Nescafe Blend 43

Applications are currently open for the American Political Tour 2018. If you’re in Years 10-12 and want to apply, or want to find out more, head here for more information.

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