A Shifting Democracy

By · 18 April, 2017 · Features

Howdy y’all! My name is Karen, and I’m convening UN Youth Australia’s inaugural American Political Tour! With my incredible friends – my team – Laura, Farouk, and Sean, we will be taking sixteen delegates to North America in January 2018.

In three weeks, we will be looking at the interaction between local, state, and federal politics in the US to understand how a state’s identity can become a Democrat or Republican stronghold. This discussion will be built upon understanding the importance of how the demographics of a place and the way decision makers treat contentious issues can affect the average American voter.

We will be visiting a plethora of monuments, museums, and memorials – unpacking the history of America in order to understand the intricacies of American politics. We will be meeting and engaging with non-governmental organisations, think-tanks, and members of Congress to challenge your preconceived ideas of what democracy in America entails, and inspire you to fight for what you believe is right.

Democracy has had different embodiments in the last few administrations, and will no doubt continue to change as we watch Trump’s administration shape their policies. As such, the theme of this tour is ‘A Shifting Democracy’.

Through all of this, we’ll also be highlighting just how intertwined pop culture and politics is. We often hear that only in America would they vote a celebrity with no political experience into a position of power. We’ll be unpacking this thought process to better understand American political discourse.

America, the immigrant nation – America, an immigrant’s dream. In this new era of American politics, does the American Dream still exist? What will Trump’s legacy be? In this pivotal moment in America’s history, and the world’s history, this tour will be an incredible exciting and rewarding experience.

We’re planning an incredible adventure for you – and we can’t wait to have you on board.

The American Political Tour is open to students currently in Years 10-12. Find out more and apply here. Applications close May 7.

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