An Exciting Year Ahead

By · 08 February, 2013 · News

From the Desk of Your President

It’s exciting to welcome you personally to UN Youth Tasmania’s first blog post from the comfort of the couch in my mum’s house while she watches the ever awkward Downton Abbey. I guess it has relevant UN Youth themes like, you know, war and stuff. After a festive season of recovering from another busy UN Youth year we’ve been busy getting ourselves ready for what I hope is going to be a jam packed six months. We’ve been preparing for school visits, exciting new membership activities and opportunities, policy initiatives and important structural changes. The only thing we haven’t been prepared for are accusations of Beyoncé lip sinking at Obama’s inauguration!

We’re excited to announce plans for a university Security Council competition, a ‘how to’ guide to the federal election and foreign policy approaches and what is shaping up to be a truly excellent Societies Day. 2013 is going to be a great year to get involved if you’re a university student, with more events and more opportunities for you to enhance your skills through our organisation.

Amidst all the fun and games there we are also hoping to incorporate by the end of the month at a special general meeting at the end of the month. For those who haven’t been able to attend meetings or are curious about what this means feel free to contact me or Gordon, especially if you want to come along and vote! Gordon has done a great job at getting us ready, it should be a very smooth ride.

Peace out, yolo and hope to see you all soon,


President Jamila


UN Youth Tasmania’s President

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